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I believe moms are and can be stylish. I also know that being a mom is challenging, time consuming and have caused you to lower your fashion standards and made your budget smaller.


This is why i am writing this post to help you get your stylish groove back on without breaking bank. So this how you can look stylish as a mom on a budget.

MiX AND MATCH  : This method helps to keep costs down.The idea of mix and match is that you don’t have to own many pieces to make your wardrobe work for you rather with wardrobe essentials like a black dress, white top, black trouser, jeans, black skirt and blazer paired together with small selection of versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, your clothing need as a mom is taken care of.

This method also allows you to have quality pieces that can be worn over and over without it looking like you are repeating the same clothes. For example, you can wear the same black skirt in a row but with different tops, add a blazer on a different occasion and it’s 1 skirt different looks.

Shop for essentials and pair them up with versatile clothing and it would seem like you have a big closet full of clothes.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to worry about what to wear every time.


ACCESSORIZE: Get some unique accessories that makes a simple outfit look expensive, pair it up, with colorful shoes and bags and you are ready for any occassion.

Accessorising updates your look and makes you look expensive without emptying your pocket


UDDATE YOUR OLD FASHION ITEMS THROUGH DIY: The internet abounds with tutorials on how to revamp your old clothes, shoes, bags e.t.c

Take out time to learn such and update your wardrobe without spending so much money.

I can very well testify to the amazing results of such tutorials as i get comments on how beautiful my clothes look, who my designer  is,where did i get it from? It actually  cost you close to nothing to achieve this. Follow me on instagram where I post such diy tutorials every friday



SHOP DURING CLEARANCE SALES, FAIRS OR EXHIBITION: Fashion designers, stores and boutiques take advantage of these occassions to clear off their stores to create room for new stock.

As such you can patiently wait for that expensive dress, shoe or bag you want but cannot afford to buy and have its price slashed by half (how amazing that would be).

You can thus plan your shopping to coincide with this events and occasions because prices are slashed by half or way lower than that(especially black friday sales) .

The best part is when you get like 5 items for the price of one .This is one of the best cost saving method for a mom on a budget that wants to look stylish.



IDENTIFY WHAT YOU NEED AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT: Spending less on fashion depends on your ability to effectively identify and differentiate between what you need and what you want.

Your needs are your basic fashion staples like a dress, shoe, bag especially when they get really old and you need to replace them.

Your wants are basically your desire to be trendy and keep up with latest fashion trends , so bottom line, you may not really need what you want. When you understand this, you shop wisely, spend less and have extra cash .


I hope you find this helpful, if so kindly share to a mom that needs this using the appropriate sharing icon.

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