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I’m on a journey to eating clean and healthy, this obviously involves stocking up on fruits and vegetables. You can imagine my frustration after spending hours and money purchasing my veggies only for them to go bad in a few days and the worst part is throwing them away, money wasted especially with the unfavorable economic situation .

It really discourages me from following through on this healthy eating journey however i was determined not to give up,hence as usual i did some research on how to store my vegetables and make them last longer. I found solutions and they are effective. If you share my frustration and need effective solutions, then read through on these essential tips to guide you through on how to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and make them last longer and save money too.

BANANA: To keep it fresh, wrap the head of the bunch with a cling film wrap. They produce ethylene gas so keep them from other fruits so it doesn’t cause them to go bad quickly and slows the ripening process.

GINGER: Store it in a freezer. This keeps them fresh longer as well as makes it easier to peel.

CELERY, BROCCOLI AND LETTUCE: Wrap them up in a foil paper and store in the fridge. For celery and lettuce, keep in a bowl of shallow water as you do with flowers and place on your kitchen counter.

TOMATOES: DO not put them in a nylons bags as this traps ethylene and make them  ripen faster rather keep them at room temperature, away from sunlight. Overly ripe tomatoes can be stored in a fridge till you are ready to use them.

ONIONS: Store them in panty hose and tie knots in between as seen in the picture and keep them fresh for as long as 8 months. Do not store onions with potatoes, it’ll would make them go bad quickly.

POTATOES. Store in a cool, dry place with good air circulation. You can store with apple to keep them from sprouting

APPLES : Keep them away from heat, place in a cardboard box and refrigerate. Take out any rotten one as one rotten apple can spoil the bunch

GRAPES: refrigerate without washing, wash when you are ready to eat it to avoid mushiness. Poke holes in them to allow for air circulation

PINEAPPLES: This can be stored as whole in the fridge and if you must slice, keep them in an airtight container, however don’t use aluminum foil as this may alter the taste

ORANGES: To keep them fresh, place them in a ventilated basket and keep on a counter. Don’t refrigerate as they lose their juiciness when you do.

PEPPER: Keep them in a ziplock bag and refrigerate for 1-2 weeks. You can blend them and store in the freezer for as long as you want with stable light supply.

CARROTS: Wrap them in a damp towel or closed container with water and change every few days. To keep them fresh for longer periods, cut off the green tops.

CUCUMBERS: Store in ziplock or plastic bags

PEAS: Store them in an open container and refrigerate.

CORN: Don’t peel off the husk till you’re ready to eat them. Exposure to air cause them to loose their freshness and they become hard. The husks keep them fresh for longer.

MINT LEAVES/PARSLEY: They have short life span so to keep them for longer periods, store in a plastic bag(nylon)bag, secure with rubber bands and refrigerate

AVOCADO: When they are ripe, they can go bad quickly, you can extend I its freshness for about 5/6 by refrigerating. For longer periods, you can peel off the skin, cut in pieces and place in ziplock bags and freeze. This process is suitable if you intend to mash, puree or use them for smoothies.

CILANTRO: Put in a jar of water and cover with plastic bag and refrigerate.

GREEN ONIONS(SPRING ONIONS): As soon as you buy them, keep in jar with water covering the roots and refrigerate, if you notice signs of it withering, simply chop them and freeze in a plastic bottle but make sure they are dry before storing.

CABBAGE: Keep in a ziplock bag and refrigerate.


If all the above does not suit you or work out as you expect, try these tips:
1.Use a paper towel and place inside a ziplock bag with whatever fresh produce to absorb moisture, simply change the paper towel from time to time when it gets wet.



2. Freeze herbs in olive oil and place in ice trays, simply pop them out whenever the need arises.



If you find this helpful, kindly share to help someone who might really need this information. Thanks for reading




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