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A  child who refuses food often or eats the same foods over and over is classified as a picky eater.

My son falls into this category and possibly yours too. I must acknowledge that it’s not an easy task to get a picky eater to eat, from threatening to persuading to cajoling, you do all you can to get your child to eat, very exhausting and frustrating i must say. what could easily have been a 20 minutes meal becomes hours of nibbling, crying, Frustration and then ultimately you give up because you can’t deal anymore.  I understand how you feel because i’ve been down that road, still on it but not as bad as the scenario i painted earlier. My son’s eating habits have greatly improved because i chose to apply the following tips:

1) observe what he likes to eat. This will give you an idea of his taste palette) sour, sweet or spicy) so you can prepare the right food that appeals to him

2) If they can express themselves clearly ask what they like to eat, don’t force your choice on them because their taste palette may crave something spicy, sweet or sour. If you give them what they like, it’s easier to get them to eat.

3.)slowly introduce new foods. you may need to offer new foods as many as 10-15 times(don’t get tired, just focus on your overall objective which is to get them to eat)

4. Provide options(few options) with this, the child can feel a sense of authority that he gets to decide what he’ll eat as such, he’ll be more cooperative.

5. Praise the child for each efforts he makes to eat and this will encourage him to eat further.

6. Let your child see that you eat also because children watch more than you think they do. Eat together as a family if possible and do this consistently.

7.) Prepare meals together(don’t focus on the mess that can result, remember the ultimate goal is to get him to eat) if the child makes his own meal or contributed to the process, he’s more likely to eat his own creation as it were.

8.) Combine new foods with his favorite.

9. Create a positive atmosphere, avoid arguments, try not to get exasperated when they refuse to eat, get the conversation going and interesting. When a child is happy, he’s more likely to listen to and cooperate.

10)Make the food appealing and interesting to his eyes, colorful foods in different shapes would arouse the interest of the child to want to try out the food

11) Limit his intake of junks, juices, drinks and water as this would keep him full and prevent him from eating as much as he should.

Note:Try to sneak in healthy food in creative ways so the child can get a balanced diet.
Don’t give up, be consistent with this tips and before long you’ll see the changes you desire.

I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me, remember to share to by clicking on the appropriate icon below, this might be a solution to a mom’s problem.

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