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Do you dream of having a big luxurious bathroom? I do too however the reality is my bathroom space is small and probably yours too that’s why you are reading this. keep reading to learn more.



For me, it’s only a dream for now(maybe someday it might come true) because in reality my bathroom space like that of most persons is pretty small.



The good news however is that there are amazing organising ideas that can help you make the best use of your space and make it look bigger than it actually is.



The question therefore is, how do you make make effective use of your small bathroom space,create more space and keep it organized and clutter free?



In this situation, shelves(collapsible or built in) , cabinets and storage containers are your best friend.



To help you get a mental picture on how to achieve this, i’ll be sharing some storage solution ideas for your small bathroom space.



I found these surfing through the net and I collated the best for your viewing pleasure and to save you the stress of doing the search on your own.



Read below and be inspired to duplicate or adapt it to your specific needs.



cabinet over the toilet


bathtub conversion


multiple towel storage solutions


shelves with storage containers helps to save and organise small bathroom spaces


installing a shelf is a perfect space saving and organising solution


organise kids bath toys to clear up clutter
basket storage containers provide both storage and aesthetic solutions


great way to organize your cosmetics and bath accessories




hang towels behind the door with a towel rack to save space and remove clutter


cut into two your shoe organizer and place in your bathroom cabinet to organize your bathing accessories and eliminate clutter


cabinet over toilet


Basket storage containers help organize your space


cabinet over toilet




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