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Mornings are crucial to how your whole day pans out,a disorganized mornings more often times than not results in a disorganized day(speaking from experience) my kids were always going to school late even when i woke up as early as 5.00a.m.


The mistake i was making was doing everything in the morning, picking out clothes, cooking from the scratch without prior prepping e. t. c


I had to  restrategise because it was stressing me out a whole lot, i couldn’t get things done, chores and work were piling up, unfinished projects because I was running the race against time, it seemed the  24 hour day was  not enough , I had to make adjustments and came up with a plan to start my day on a more organized note.

I came up with a 9 step plan to achieve this.

They are as follows;

1.Write out your plan for the next day.

2.Make sure your kids homework is done and place them in their bags afterwards

3.Pick out your kids clothes for the next day(ensure they are clean and in good condition to wear).

4.Prep food for the next day by chopping vegetables e.t.c (refrigerate to keep them fresh)

5.Do a check for keys, shoes and whatever essential accessories, make sure they are ready and accessible.

6.Clean up the kitchen, living room and any other part of the house that might encroach into your time the next morning.

7. If you have need to take or give medication, make them accessible so you don’t forget to take them.

8. If you have a planner, review it again.

9.Go to bed early.

NOTE:These steps should be taken a day before


Now my mornings are less crowded with activities and i have extra time and energy to devote to other engagements.  Be like comfymama and apply the above plan. share to a mom/s who needs this.


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