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10 Things to teach your kids to prepare them for emergency situations

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What will your child do in the event of an emergency? Have you equipped them with the right information and essential life skills to survive in an emergency?




Emergency Tips For Your Kids


Life is unpredictable, No one wants anything unpleasant to befall them, however in the light of recent terror events around the world, it has become more important than ever to be prepared for emergencies


As adults, it easier to improvise and adapt to whatever situations that comes our way. What about our kids? How well are we equipping them to cope and survive in this  wicked, unpredictable and cruel environment.


Well for me, i’m still on the process and the first step i took was to equip them with basic information such as our names, house address, name of relatives and phone numbers.


Have you taught your kids these or do you just assumed they should know or perhaps feel nothing of that sort will befall them?


To make it easier for you. I’m going to break it down and list out certain basic information your kids needs to know and how they should act in the the event of an emergency and if for some reason you become separated or you’re not there with them at a particular point in time.


Equip them with these basic information

1. Their names and surname

2. Parents name

3. House address

4. Phone numbers of parents

5. Identify and show them a location where they should go to in the event of a separation.

6. How to identify who they  can trust (A policeman, a mother with kids e. t. c)

7. Teach them emergency numbers that they can dial and what to say like 911(whatever is applicable in your country)

8. Play out different scenarios and how they can respond accordingly for each one. (Fire outbreak, when someone passes out or is ill, abduction, terror attacks )

9. Teach them how and where to contact you in the event of a separation

10. How they can remain calm and not panic (This may be hard to implement but never underestimate them)


These information should not be given one off but repeatedly till your child understands and can remember what needs to be done like some sort of every day or weekly safety drill.


Adapt the information to their age.


I have not exhausted all the necessary information to assist them in the event of an emergency, so i’ll like to hear from you what arrangements you’ve put in place to help prepare your kids for emergency

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